Our new larger location behind Krispy Kreme at 340 Yolanda Ave.
Solar Panels are great for using the sun’s energy to put back into your batteries what you use. They also work well with inverter applications.
5th Wheel hitch installation & receiver hitch also. And of course brake control and wiring plug.
Tow bar installation and wiring the vehicle with a tow brake system that applies your brakes on the towed vehicle.
Generator Installation complete with remote transfer switch
Wheel bearing repack and inspection of brakes can be very important for your safety.
Custom aluminum boxes painted to match, and lights installed.
Custom fabrication of a variety of things are done at our facility.

Before and After Photos

BEFORE: Water damage can be repaired, but sometimes at too high of a price. It is very important to keep your vehicle sealed. Roof, windows, molding, and all entries, and should be checked monthly.
AFTER: Wall repaired at dinette after water damaged. Back to that new look!
BEFORE: Horse Trailer before addition of living quarters
AFTER: Custom living quarters installed. Cabinets, refrigerator, stove, hot water heater, O.S. Shower, 110v outlets, reading lights, roof vent with large fan and thermostatic control for opening, counter tops with sink, 38 gal water tank, holding tank, large battery, and propane tank.
BEFORE: Another living quarters installation space
AFTER: Custom L-shape cabinet with refrigerator, sink, 30 gal water tank, hot water heater, shower in horse stall, 110v outlets, and roof vent with fan, lights, and propane tank.

Other Photos:

Van Conversion
Motor Home